My Story

My Story – Bi yog(r)aphy
…is not the regular yogi story full of straight lines and clear goals.

Surrounded by 15 girls from the age of 14 to 19, I grew up on a mountain in the German woods. My mother worked in a boarding school, so for my first 20 years a boarding house full of girls was where I called home. I guess thats where things already started to be different. I didn’t have a clue about yoga at this point but learning about girls and their complexities got me wired a bit differently.

People say I should be gay, but I’m not. My gay friends in Amsterdam call me the gayest straight guy in town….which says a lot I think.
 My next steps after boarding school were equally unusual. Business and strategic marketing studies bored me to death so I got into the party business and opened a night club in my second year of studies.

It was the dream existence for a student; an unlimited

alcohol supply and local fame.
Trying to get a bit more serious and “healthy” lead me to Amsterdam and into advertising with one of the best shops in town. 
Here I got to know the hectic and crazy advertising world and learned a lot about all things addy. Most inspiring though were the people I met.

Still a mess but now in a very structured role, I met people that inspired me deeply and sometimes even lead me in the right directions. One of them was our award winning creative director Richard Gorodecky who beyond his advertising fame inspired me as a personality and man. Not a word of senselessness and always listening to what people said before just talking. But then on point and funny as hell. Another speciality of Richard, that would later be of greater value

than I ever expected, was the fact that he took off to yoga at least 3 times a week during work, no matter how busy the agency life or the stress factor was; Richard would go to his classes and come back calm and with this indestructible smile. Having done yoga a couple of times I was intrigued, that the coolest cat of the shop would zip out with his yoga matt and find peace; something that i had been looking for without success.

The best part was…if the boss goes, his people could go as well. So regularly we would sneak out at lunch or towards the end of the day to go practice yoga our selves…and thats where it all started.

I got hooked. Hooked to the bliss, hooked to the pretty ladies at first and hooked to the deeper levels, yoga opened up for me, a bit later.

Yes the pretty ladies, because as in my early years, again, I was surrounded by ladies. So to explain myself to my critical male friends and questioners I would tell Richards story and how cool it would be to be surrounded by lots of hot yoga ladies.

Later I didn’t need these arguments anymore because calm and peace became the unbeatable argument. If I would show up at a party after practice friends would notice without me saying a word, just by my vibe and the calm surrounding the usually so hectic and all over the place guy. I got into yoga more and more and ended up spending half of my nights in the yoga shala.

“Practice and the rest will come” was just my cup of tea, owning a lot of books but only reading a few. Here I could be who I was, go as far as I felt and learn by doing. Just my thing. Yoga, or as I learned later, body and mind management became my biggest hobby. Spending weekends at my favorite yoga school practicing at home, in the park and taking what I learned on the mat, off the mat and into real life was amazing. My car broke down, I smiled (no shit), grabbed my dog and went to the train station to take the next train and continue my ride.

Thats just one example of how little of a fuck I could give about things that usually would drive me up the wall.

I went to retreats in Ibiza, living the dream of great weather, fun people and journeys inwards. Then it hit me…it’s actually not that different to organizing parties.
Instead of a DJ you hire a Teacher and instead of booze you get juice and healthy food for the people. Done.

My dream was built.
So I realized my dream of finding and building my own home in Amsterdam and taking life by the horns.

I quit my job to focus fully on yoga and what comes with it. Learning from some amazing teachers and coaches I made a plan applied some tools to make sense of my puzzled mind and lined up some steps towards a life that was more mine. More me, more real. No bullshit, no fake holiness, just go. Just do it.

This path of letting go I would love to share with you, spice it up with some knowledge that I pick up along the way and tell it to you in a language that you can relate to. No sugar coating, no pretentious talk, just real experiences and little bits of wisdom from amazing people I met.

I began the journey by visiting all possible schools in Amsterdam and taking a look at them from a normal dudes perspective. What is it like there, who are the teachers, whos more fun, whos more serious, what to expect and what not. Every now and then I would try to feature interesting yogis that I believe share a clear and real practice and way of looking at things.

Then to get some street creds I went to Nepal

I hang out with some great teachers and learn more about philosophy of yoga, the magic of breathing, meditation and some real ass yoga. Including the traditional Hatha yoga and some sweat draining Ashtanga practice from 5 in the morning to 8 at night. How to practice safely, how to adjust students and how to apply yogic values in our crazy lives beyond the matt. By the end I will have a 200 hour basic teacher certificate to be able to look at things from a clearer view and start to share what I learned in a more educated way.

Welcome, I’m happy you made it here and am looking forward to sharing my experiences with you.

YogiD – Live like you give a fuck.