De Nieuwe Yogaschool

Another institution in the Amsterdam Yoga world.
Opened in 2013, very spacious and well equipped it hosts 3 studios, a lovely vegetarian cafe called HeartBiet, therapy rooms with acupuncture and physiotherapy as well as a closely connected team of yoga affine massage therapists at Tension Tamers. Topped off with a beautiful living room like entrance that invites to hang out and relax before or after class and a great and calm garden, where you can relax as well, this whole place is a hub for calming down and having a good time.

Location: Laurierstraat 109, 1016 PL Amsterdam


Slow Flow: Great class for beginners that want to get into Vinyasa yoga.

Basic and advanced Alignment: Classes that focus on…guess what, the right alignment of the asanas we usually do quite quickly in a flow…here we have time and take them apart. As the name says they exist for beginners and advanced students. I went to an advanced class and had a blast with a lot of challenging hand balancing and transitions.

Ashtanga: Ashtanga…stronger form of yoga with normal classes and classes with full Primary series.

Yin Yoga and restorative classes: Less movement, more resting in the poses and challenging yourself to remain with less movement.

Core strength and strong flow: The challenging ones…here you can sweat and power out a bit if you need it. Great for core strength and smiling pain of challenging asanas. More on the strong flow class in my article on advanced yoga in Amsterdam.

Meditation: There are three different classes on Meditation and also free sessions to give everyone access to this practice. Awesome! Not many studios offer that. I like.

And for the curious ones there is also Kundalini yoga that works a lot with energy flow and chanting to get your chakras aligned and energy flowing. Different, but really nice people as it demands a bit more openness. You can feel it in the people that give and visit these classes. If you make strange sounds and movements for an hour you might as well connect with each other before and after the class…I found it very pleasant.

Still curious? Check the WHM classes: The Wim Hoff Method combined with yoga. I only knew that it’s connected to breathing, ice baths and guys meditating in underwear during winter in the park…but there is more to it. I tried a class with Sijbrand Maal and was taken to very deep levels of my body and mind through intense breathing and breath retention. No ice bath, thats according to Sijbrand another part of WHM. He combined the WHM breathing techniques with a nice yin session, classical music and beautiful words that got you to relax and surrender to your breath and body.

Detailed descriptions and overviews by the studio you can find here

Costs: 15,- per Session // 59,- for monthly all you can yoga and 130 for a card that allows you join 10 times. More here.

Extras: Always free water, a lot of extra workshops and teacher trainings…haven’t tried those…yet.

Favorite Teacher:

Always difficult to pick as all are nice and friendly. My long time favourite class is with Sandra Carson, who taught me a lot about Hatha Yoga and never left me without sore muscles in some part of my body. And also she has this ease and humour in her classes that makes it all a bit playful and not as serious as some think it has to be.

Same goes for Moena de Jong and her art of combining tradition with fun and lightness. She sometimes starts her class with traditional mantras and ends them with funky beats…without loosing authenticity. Wonderful.

Rolandjan van Muligen, who is just the personifcation of sunshine. Always a calm and gentle smile on his face he takes you to great and thoughtful meditatios and yin yoga sessions that leave you filled with love and joy…ladies…watch out he is addictive…I’ve heard.



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Yoga, music, love and good food. More love than reason, more "lets see what happens" than the perfect annual plan. Listening to that space you can call guts feeling, heart space or whatever you want to call it, and combining it with a healthy portion of balls to challenge established views and cut through the bullshit. I have a background in nightlife, where I ran an event agency and a nightclub. Later a quick and intense stroll into advertising brought me to fall in love with Amsterdam. I love good wine, can eat till I drop and love having people and good music around me. That's me. Or at least how I would summarize what's on my mind mostly :)

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