Advanced Yoga practice in Amsterdam

It can become a bit difficult to find the right class if you have come to an intermediate or advanced level but want to develop your practice further on a steady basis.
Often the “regular classes” are nice and challenging and get you sweaty, but leave you with the feeling that you want to learn something new.
So I went on the hunt and checked the nicest intermediate and advanced classes to give you a bit of an overview.
There are a couple of options, from intensive workshops to intermediate classes.
Vinyasa advanced at Rumah Yoga 
This class is a wonderful choice for experienced yogis that want to take their vinyasa practice a bit further. Also, beginners can have their fun as modifications are being offered but you must get ready to sweat and push yourself.
All happens in a very nice approach that links to the second specialty of Rumah Yoga Studio…mixed movement exercises…here, you work a lot with balancing poses and core strength. Having its background in martial arts these exercises are a great practice for a more controlled flow and a smooth coordination between body and mind and from pose to pose. Nice learnings that bring a bit more motion into the sometimes quite repetitive flows we know. All in all, it fits very well together and Ronald brings in a lot of his experience from the last 12 years of practice and teaching at various of the best studios in Amsterdam before opening his own.
Ashtanga Mysore style classes at Delight.
Your pace and your level…on a daily basis. Traditional Ashtanga, as taught in Mysore is practiced every morning at Delight studio Clercqstraat. Here, there is no talking. It’s right to the action…just you and your practice and one of Delights teachers with amazing expertise to adjust you with personal care. The nice thing besides your own pace is the small groups and personal care that every student receives. After a while, the teachers know you and your weaknesses, challenges or special skills and push you or support you so you get the most out of your practice. I spent many hours in this small second room of the studio and can proudly say that this is where I first did my headstand….thanks, Lidewij 🙂
The daily advanced sessions demand an extra subscription as the time window you have on a daily basis is also bigger. It does not matter if you arrive a few minutes earlier or later and you leave when you’re done. Quite something.
If the money is not raining on you, there are also other Mysore style classes that you can visit with a cheaper subscription. Here you have the regular 90 minutes but can also choose your own focus to a certain extent.
Ashtanga experienced at Delight.
Full primary series in a led class that is about 2 hours long to give you enough time to practice the full first series. You will definitely feel what you have done after this intense and complete first series.
Vinyasa experienced at Delight
To complete the experienced trio at delight, check out Chantal Soeters’ class…besides the fact that she knows every name of her students 🙂 she gives you a flow you will feel for days while taking you through these intense 1 1/2 hours with a smile and ease that it almost doesn’t feel as intense as it is. Fun and advanced class that offers a laugh and asanas that also demand a lot from experienced yogis.
Strong Flow at Nieuwe Yogaschool
I was there just recently and was absolutely impressed and dead but glowing afterward. I think this is one of the biggest spaces to practice yoga in Amsterdam with a great and fun class. Strong flow works with binds, standing balance and hand balancing poses where I found myself in positions I have not been to before. Using a nice mix of traditional asanas and some more challenging modifications this one gets everyone to sweat and shake. Moena, the amazing teacher that leads this class combined asanas with nice music that was also a mix of traditional mantras with her Harmonium and modern beats.
Ashtanga full series 90 minutes at Nieuwe Yogaschool
As at Delight, the full first series is practiced here in a professional and spacious environment. Also, a bit more time on your hands to go through all asanas breath by breath. Not much to add primary series it is. Go check it out and have a nice drink in the sunny garden afterwards to cool down or catch some sun beams.
Advanced alignment 90 minutes at Nieuwe Yogaschool
Haauuuuwiiimaaauuuwi, different focus each class, from hand-balancing to back bends…can’t do a crow or headstand right away? Not your class. If you’re at that level, you’ll have a lot of fun. You will learn a lot of tricks to float into side hand balancing, transitions from hand balancing to chaturanga…it’s wild, go check it out.
These are the first classes I visited and it was a lot of fun. I will continue and add a 2.0 version of this little article. If you have suggestions, places you visit and would like to see here, please comment or send me a message so we can make the list grow.
Until then, Namasteverybody!

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