From shit to myself in 5 rough phases

I’ve seen quite a few changes the last 3 years and observed some patterns that give hope. After a pretty heavy breakup in 2014 and drastic changes in my life, things seemed more like a depressed pile of rubbish and nothing like what I experienced before. But the development I went through receives quite anContinue reading “From shit to myself in 5 rough phases”

Yoga at Spa Zuiver

Not the regular yoga studio when thinking of where to go for my practice in Amsterdam. Spa Zuiver is a wellness, spa, sauna, tennis and fitness complex in one of Amsterdams most beautiful nature resorts, the Amsterdamse Bos. Although it’s great location and seemingly endless offer it would not be the first choice when thinkingContinue reading “Yoga at Spa Zuiver”

Interview: Manoranjan Chand (Manoji)

Whats your story/background? Before yoga I lived in a small village in east india, taking care of my family, no sisters, I made saris, farming and sometimes going to school as a child. I went to Deli to make some money for the family, as a cleaner and with house keeping…tough times, learning hindi andContinue reading “Interview: Manoranjan Chand (Manoji)”