Studio 191

Studio 191

Another star on the Amsterdam yoga horizon. Just off Van Woustraat there is a small but mighty studio, tucked away in a calm residential area.

Contemporary yoga, thats how Natascha the owner of this lovingly designed place calls it. And they do combine a lot of fun stuff…Vinyasa and vino, aroma therapy and Vinyasa flow classes, ballet barre classes fused with yoga asanas. All kind of fun stuff making yoga less serious but by far not less in quality or authenticity. Natascha herself has been practicing yoga for many years and has organized retreats. Fulfilling a dream of her own studio and playing according to her own rules and believing in freedom.

Coming there for the first time I loved the family like atmosphere, small classes and cool vibe of the place. Small details and plants and a nice brick wall give the rooms a mix of urban cool and interior design magazine feel.

Everyone is quite easily approachable and in no time I came by to do a small photo shoot for there.

I joined for an aroma therapy yoga class with Shannon enjoying a nice flow. It was just enough to get sweaty but stay relaxed enough to calm down and enjoy the etheric oils she put on our wrists and in a diffuser in the front of the room. I recommend first row spots as its more to smell and experience 🙂

I will soon check out more and maybe also get some oh Nataschas thoughts on a no bullshit approach to yoga as I love how she thinks and speaks without pretending. Big-up!!

Location: Lutmastraat 191-B, 1074 TV Amsterdam

Styles: Strong flows and Ashtanga classes, Pilates and Barre sessions but also restorative yin classes and aroma therapy with yoga. They also offer fun concepts like yoga with beats to shake your booty while practicing or surf yoga where you practice on a balancing board. All in all quite innovative compared to what else is out there, while still respecting the roots and good teaching.

Costs: 15,- per drop in Session // 69,- monthly // 30,- for a 5 class 14 day into package for 1st time students.

Extras: Always free water and tea, a lot of extra workshops. They also offer retreats in Marakesh that look like a lot of fun.



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Yoga, music, love and good food. More love than reason, more "lets see what happens" than the perfect annual plan. Listening to that space you can call guts feeling, heart space or whatever you want to call it, and combining it with a healthy portion of balls to challenge established views and cut through the bullshit. I have a background in nightlife, where I ran an event agency and a nightclub. Later a quick and intense stroll into advertising brought me to fall in love with Amsterdam. I love good wine, can eat till I drop and love having people and good music around me. That's me. Or at least how I would summarize what's on my mind mostly :)

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