Speaking yoga, the way we speak.

Some years ago I became a big fan of thug kitchen. Along with their slogan “Eat like you give a fuck” and using street language, they teach people about healthy, vegetarian and delicious food without sounding in any way elitist or more complex than they need to be. Check them out, they are funny as hell and the food is healthy and actually easy to make. They set fun impulses for a change in your day to day life without changing who you are.

I believe in the same philosophy when it comes to yoga. Does that mean I use explicit language talking about yoga?


But I felt that I mostly resonated with teachers that just come as they are and follow a no bullshit approach. Spirituality? Of course, maybe the most beautiful part of yoga besides girls in yoga pants. I just feel that a real way of speaking about it, like you would when talking to a friend, allows much more people to access this side of themselves and begin a life changing journey.

And thats what yoga is all about, there for everyone, accessible and working with what you got. And if what you got is a gin & tonic or a hangover that you want to cure, so be it. Lets work with that because that’s also you.

So I close this post with my version of the tagline from their blog….live like you give a fuck…thanks thug kitchen 🙂

Published by Yogi-D

Yoga, music, love and good food. More love than reason, more "lets see what happens" than the perfect annual plan. Listening to that space you can call guts feeling, heart space or whatever you want to call it, and combining it with a healthy portion of balls to challenge established views and cut through the bullshit. I have a background in nightlife, where I ran an event agency and a nightclub. Later a quick and intense stroll into advertising brought me to fall in love with Amsterdam. I love good wine, can eat till I drop and love having people and good music around me. That's me. Or at least how I would summarize what's on my mind mostly :)

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